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Emergency Response Plan


The school emergency policies and procedures are formulated with the guidance of local law enforcement and Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in order to prepare for:

1. Fires
2. Terrorist (bomb, chemical) threats
3. Earthquakes

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy staff will implement and maintain the following:

1. A site-specific disaster preparedness plan.

2. Training for all staff on the elements of the plan, as well as an instruction program in first-aid and CPR.

3. A stockpile of emergency and medical supplies, back up communication equipment, and two-days worth of food and water at the school site.

4. Placards posted in classrooms and offices, which indicate evacuation routes.

5. Emergency cards on file for all students and staff.

6. Fire and drop drill maneuvers understood and drilled on a regular basis.

7. Established policy on the release of students to parents or guardian.

8. Clearly understood policy on the release of school and district staff and their emergency assignments.

9. Clearly outlined procedures for use of school facilities as emergency shelters.

In the event of an Emergency (earthquake, fire, or terrorist attack):

1. Parents should make their way to the school site as soon as possible to pick up their child.

2. Parents must sign their child out from a designated administrator. For security and safety purposes, parents cannot sign out their child from their teacher, because we must confirm the student is not being released to someone that has not been designated as a threat to that child (or has a restraining order against that child; we have this information on file).

3. If the school is in a lock-down situation, we will not be able to release any students until the threat has been neutralized and the all clear has been given by local authorities (LAPD, FBI, etc).