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Kayne Siart Family Pledge


The Family Pledge was implemented to forge a home-school alliance and to ensure that every family has the knowledge and resources they need to support students on their journey to college.  Every family at CNCA-Kayne Siart is therefore asked to fulfill the following components: 15 services hours, 2 workshops, 2 school activities, and 2 parent-teacher conferences. Below are some ideas for fulfilling the Family Pledge:

15 Community Service Hours
Read aloud in your child's classroom
Assist teachers and staff members (cutting, organizing, cleaning)
Chaperone a field trip
Take your child to a museum
Attend a health fair
Visit the school or public library with your child
Attend a book fair with your child (Scholastic, Los Angeles Times Book Festival, or LéaLA)
Write letters to consulates
Participate in rallies, demonstrations, or town hall meetings

2 Workshops
Literature and Literacy
Singapore Math
Standardized Testing
Benefits of Bilingualism
Mental and Physical Health
College Readiness
Family Planning

2 School Activities
Back To School Night
Family Math Night
Books and Pajamas
Student Poetry Readings
Classroom Writing Celebrations

2-3 Parent Conferences